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Intrix 4-in-1 KettleTap


Intrix 4-in-1 KettleTap, the tap that does it all.The new 4-in-1 Kettle Tap delivers everything you could ever need. Your normal hot and cold mains water, cold filtered and boiling water.Having beautiful tasting filtered water, means there's no need for bottled water, simply refill your refillable bottle from the comfort of your home.Instant boiling water allows you to make tea, coffee,...

Intrix Duo Premium KettleTap


The premium 2-in-1 tap offers boiling filtered and filtered cold water. Instant drinks, snacks, and cooking. Ideal for domestic and commercial environments. Imagine a tap where you can instantly make tea, coffee, and refill your reusable bottle with beautiful filtered water. Where you can fill large pans with filtered, boiling water to cook pasta, couscous, noodles, and rice; make instant...

KettleTap Blue Chill Ice Bank Undersink Chiller


Simplified drinking water management for the home and small office. Saves space. Chilled and filtered water on tap. Environmentally friendly. Can fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. Save money when purchased with the installation kit & tap. Installation kit & stylish swan neck tap just £120

Clover C12E Undersink Chiller


Excellent value undersink water chiller made to a high-quality standard. Small enough to fit under any normal sink fitting, it will provide plenty of chilled water for small to medium volume users.

12 Months Self Service Kit 12 Months Self Service Kit

12 Months Self Service Kit

£144.78 £131.64

Kit Contains:     2 x 3M Twist Fit Filters     Sani Kit     Safety Gloves     Mini Dosa     Instructions for Servicing

3M Scale Guard Pro Filter Head 3M Scale Guard Pro Filter Head

3M Scale Guard Pro Filter Head

£132.84 £96.84

The 3M ScaleGard Pro VH3 Filer Head is part of the 3M ScaleGard® Pro Range which are a high performance range of scale control systems designed to protect coffee and vending equipment from scale build up via scale formation in the heating coils which result in energy inefficiency, downtime and expensive service calls.

John Guest Fixing Kit John Guest Fixing Kit

John Guest Fixing Kit

£72.78 £66.78

Includes Water Block, Water Re-Set, WM Isolating Straight Valve, WM Isolating Tee Valve, 3/8 Flexi Pipe, Reducing Bush, Female Adaptor, Shut Off Valve, Stem Elbow, Reducer, PF Adaptor

KettleTap - Hot Tap Cleaning Kit KettleTap - Hot Tap Cleaning Kit

KettleTap - Hot Tap Cleaning Kit

£72.78 £48.78

Hot Taps produce hundreds of litres of boiling water every week, especially in busy environments. Thats hundreds of hot drinks and meals being prepared. As you can imagine this can make quite a mess. So we have the perfect solution for you, bringing you the KettleTap Cleaning Kit! Complete with Stainless Steele cleaner and micro cloth to ensure your fancy...