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Tree-mendous news with Ecologi partnership

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Tree-mendous news with Ecologi partnership
There is much talk about climate change and being carbon neutral, but what does that really mean and what can a business do in plain and simple terms to address this serious issue.

Taking care of our planet is vital and some say we may already be a bit too late for future generations BUT the point is we have to do something. We know it’s preventable, and we know it’s not going to save itself

Here at the WCD Group we take sustainability in hydration very seriously but how can that be achieved and what can we do to really support our business goals and make a difference?

We have partnered with UK-based environmental firm Ecologi, who plant trees and fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Already in our short relationship, the WCD Group can now state that it has a climate positive workforce, which is the FIRST in the hydration industry! We are super proud.

As part of our sustainability vision to do more for the planet and combat the effects of climate change, our work with Ecologi allows us to offset the emissions from our team’s personal and professional lives resulting in the fact that our whole workforce is now climate positive! It's an achievement that supports our actions to deliver sustainable hydration.

Ecologi reminds us that reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is far slower than the time we have remaining. The tools that we associate with fighting climate change are inadequate.

What if that changed and the billions of us who care became empowered? There are enough climate solutions that are out there right now, that if we supported them, it would undo 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2.

One tree for every product sold

As a hydration equipment supplier, we have committed to plant a tree for every water cooler or hot tap that we sell which equates to an additional 500 trees every single month!  So, we thank you for your future business as it is directly helping the climate crisis.

Check out our live progress here and see the 912 trees we have already planted in the past week and the live forestation projects we are supporting around the world. Some projects will be in the UK, too.

This will dynamically update each month and we predict we will plant over 5000 trees and remove over 250 tonnes of CO2, before the end of 2021 alone!

As a business you can compensate your carbon footprint, fund climate projects and set eco goals that do make a difference to our world.

A timely announcement for us, as the world's eyes turn to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow 31 October - 12 November.

Don't just take our words for it - see the other Ecologi businesses also on board at the Ecologi website and find out more.
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