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How to pick the best boiling water tap for your kitchen

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How to pick the best boiling water tap for your kitchen

It’s no wonder more homes and offices are installing instant boiling water taps. Hot taps are a key feature in most new kitchen builds and when refurbishing the busiest room in the home, it’s so easy to add a multi-function tap that gives you water as you want it.

Boiling water taps are great and have so many uses in the kitchen space. As well as making hot drinks, your team can tackle breakfast porridge pots and lunchtime instant snack pots, including pastas, soups, noodles and couscous in seconds!

Never wait for a slow kettle to boil. A boiling water tap is so convenient and without waiting, team productivity soars.

Fill your saucepans with boiling water ready to cook your vegetables or pasta. Why wait for a pan to heat up and use valuable energy in doing so? It’s a big help to any chef, especially soaking all those nasty roasting tins, cooking pots and pans after dinner. Steam to clean!

From the popular Quooker boiling water tap in the home, to the Zip HydroTaps in the business world we also supply Cosmetal, Marco, Vivreau, Hotspot Titanium, and our own Intrix KettleTap.

Here are the top five questions that are frequently asked when considering which boiling water tap to choose.

Does this save me money?

A boiling water tap makes fast and easy work of the tea round! No waiting for the kettle to boil, wasting water and constantly refilling it, so delivering a huge saving on the mains water and energy bills. Just heat what you need and use for all your drinking needs, continuously; and it’s so fast, which is why staff productivity is optimised in the office.


Do I need 100 degrees boiling water for drinks?

With the temperature set at 98 degrees, which is near boiling point, it’s perfect for making coffee and tea and all your hot drinks including hot chocolate, soups and Bovril. Fabulous warming drinks at this time of the year. We recommend this temperature because it doesn’t ‘burn’ the coffee and affect taste. It is also ideal for a perfect brew of breakfast, specialty, and herbal teas. However you can set the temperature yourself depending on your drink requirements.

What space do I need under the sink?

The heating boiler unit sits neatly in the cupboard under the sink and tap with a compact footprint, so there is still space for your other kitchen essentials. Plus, on installation we will need access to a nearby power socket.

What about safety?

Rest assured safety is paramount and the in-built safety switch ensures children can’t play with it or operate it;  so it’s family safe. The childproof push-to-activate lever helps to keep boiling water away from little hands. The lever is also spring loaded to switch off instantly if any splashes occur.

Do I need to keep my sink tap? 

By moving from the kettle to a 4-in-1 boiling water you can do away with your existing mains water tap, so that one tap does it all in one smart looking appliance that oozes convenience.

Check out our hot KettleTap seasonal offers across all our tap brands and save even more money.

Sustainable hydration

Environmental benefits include refill. Fill your favourite e-coffee cup or reusable water bottle, such as the Chilly’s bottles and SHO brands, and save buying throwaways or single-use plastic bottles that pollute the planet. Choose to reuse.

Reusable bottles and cups make great Christmas gifts, too.

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